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AAA Vacations and Triporati Launch Web Portal for Personalized Travel Advice

Destination Discovery Matches Personal Interests to Global Destinations

Charlotte, NC — January 7, 2009: AAA Vacations has partnered with Triporati to launch AAA Destination Discovery, an innovative new Web portal that allows consumers to identify travel destinations that are just right for their travel needs. On the Web at, this new service helps visitors discover great destinations based on their unique interests. AAA Destination Discovery also provides AAA members with insider information from leading travel experts.

"Many travelers visit as many 25 different Web sites before making a travel decision," according to Sarah Henshall, vice president of travel and branch operations for AAA Vacations. "This new site was designed as a comprehensive, one-stop travel planning resource; all a consumer has to do is enter their travel preferences and the site automatically lists potential destinations, including many they might not have found on their own. This new portal opens up the travel search process while also saving time and frustration."

After a visitor receives a personal, customized list of recommended travel destinations through AAA Destination Discovery, they can then consult with a professional travel consultant to obtain more details and book a trip.

"By using the portal, it is extremely easy to match your personal interests with the offerings of travel destinations around the globe," Henshall said. "AAA Destination Discovery, powered by Triporati, is an extremely powerful trip planning tool that was developed with input from recognized travel experts and sources."

The first step in using the Web site is to create a Personal Trip Profile, which is accomplished by highlighting and then ranking activities and interests by preference. Based on this input, the Web site generates personalized trip recommendations, which can range from extreme sports to sunbathing, and from eco-tourism to fine dining. Triporati has brought together over 65 recognized travel experts, who have collectively authored over 550 guidebooks, to analyze over 1,200 of the world's best travel destinations. The company has also developed patent-pending technology to match users with those destinations.

"Before Destination Discovery, unless you happened to have access to dozens of travel experts, it was tough to find great destinations for your specific travel interests," notes Jim Hornthal, founder and chairman of Triporati. "You were lucky if a recommendation from a friend or an article worked out. Now, AAA members will have free access to what we believe is the most sophisticated and inspiring travel discovery service available today."

"This AAA Destination Discovery Web site also includes travel tools, such as airport information, packing guides, travel requirements and a currency converter," Henshall said. "Expert travel advice is guaranteed to help you discover your ideal vacation destination, and to make sure you're also prepared for your trip."

About Triporati, Inc.

Triporati was founded by a team of online travel veterans who set out to help users answer the basic question of travel: "Where should I go?" Triporati has built a proprietary expert recommendation engine for leisure travel destinations based on original expert content. By selecting and ranking activities and interests, a user is presented with a personalized map of the world showing the best places to do what they want to do.

Triporati's "Vacation Genome Project" does for leisure travelers what Pandora's "Music Genome Project" does for music lovers; personally matching the best recommendations for each user's unique needs and desires.

Each pin on the Triporati Destination Map leads to one of over 1,200 guide pages, with original content, deep links to relevant sources online, as well as the best deals on air, hotel and packages to that destination.

Triporati's Destination Discovery experience can be found at, as well as co-branded partner sites, including AAA Carolinas.